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Costco SB Exclusive "Atlantic" Compression Molded SUP


Item - #369

Size - 10'6" x 33" x 5"

Weight - 25 lbs.

Weight Capacity - up to 225 lbs.

About -

  • ABS molded outer shell

  • Waterproof EPS core

  • Wrapped with fiberglass and epoxy resin

Features -

  • Deck traction pad

  • Bungee storage system

  • Universal camera mount

  • Single tracking fin

  • Adjustable hybrid carbon fiber paddle with blade shield

  • Nylon storage and carry bag


The ATLANTIC is an all new concept SUP from CBC in 2019! The Atlantic has an EPS core with 2 layers of fiberglass coated with epoxy resin, then compressed into a hard-shell finish. The Atlantic has a recessed deck with plenty of traction area for all riders. Smooth navigation with it’s rounded rails, and eye catching graphics top and bottom with custom Scott Burke stylings. A centered carry handle positioned to perfectly balance the board on your walk to the water. This full-sized SUP is great for flat water and most surf conditions. You get: Board w/traction, 2 bungee tie downs, single fin, camera mount and full surf leash.

Academy Sports SB Exclusive "Vector" I-SUP


Item - #481

Size - 10' x 32" x 4.75"

Weight - 15.5 lbs.

Weight Capacity - Up to 250 lbs.

About -

  • 2 Layer PVC coated and reinforced faberic

  • PVC coated fabric with graphic

  • Dual layer polyvinyl chloride

  • Drop stitch technology ensures high pressure inflation for optimal riding

Features -

  • Single tracking fin

  • Centered, nose and tail carry handle

  • Bungee deck storage system

  • Dual action pump with guage

  • 6 Standard d-rings

  • At home repair kit

  • Fully adjustable aluminum paddle with blade shield

  • Backpack storage/ carry bag

  • PU surf leash


The Vector Inflatable SUP by Scott Burke is lightweight and a convenient alternative to a standard foam or fiberglass SUP. Made up of three layered PVC coated and reinforced fabric and a mesh of very fine polyester threads connect the skin on the deck to the skin of the hull. This “Drop-Stitch” technique ensures that the board has a controlled shape and can be inflated to very high pressure for maximum rigidity and performance. A high-pressure 15 psi pump (supplied with the board) inflates the board to its correct pressure for maximum performance and glide. Easy to handle and travel with and stores in a convenient backpack, no roof racks needed!! Designed for paddlers of any weight or size. Nearly indestructible and ding-proof. Long lasting UV-resistant materials.

Big 5 SB Exclusive "Newporter" SUP


Item - #392

Size - 10' x 33" x 5.75"

Weight - 20 lbs.

Weight Capacity - Up to 280 lbs.

About -

  • High density EPS 100% waterproof core

  • 3 Molded-in laminated wood stringers

  • High density polyethylene

  • IXPE/XPE High density deck skin graphic

Features -

  • SUP Dock

  • Single fin system

  • Adjustable aluminum paddle w/ blade shield

  • Centered carry handle

  • Nose camera mount

  • Diamond pattern traction pad

  • Sup tail guard

  • Surf leash with padded ankle strap


Soft SUP with storage compartment, adjustable paddle, surf leash, fin, roof rack, traction pad and camera mount.



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